Cameroon – Kumba: [video] Town inhabitants take it to the street to support their Bamenda brothers

Written by Deckson N.

The Meme divisional chief town of Kumba in the South West region has been thrown in total panic and confusion this morning.

A planned peaceful walk is raising fears of an impending confrontation with security forces. Hundreds of youths mostly bike riders have turned out at the Town Green square for a solidarity march in connection with the red Thursday in Bamenda. They are denouncing the brutal crackdown of protesters by security forces which has left at least four people dead and many more injured in the North West capital city. The police and paramilitary elements are also mobilising to storm the scene. Correspondence reports say traders are closing their shops as everyone heads for their homes. Tension is mounting.

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Deckson N.

  • SING

    I don’t like the expression “… to support their Bamenda brothers…”. It’s not Bamenda’s fight. It’s a general #AnglophoneCameroonian problem. I’m waiting for the statements to change from “protest in Bamenda…” to “… protest in Anglophone Cameroon…”

    • Set

      This is a general problem not only to anglophones but for the whole nation, the government is weak,corrupt and don’t care about the people, the younger generations are getting smarter everyday, young educated people not being employed, there is a lot of favoritism, tribalism and nepotism, there must be change. all this has to go

    • Maf

      I side with you Sing. Its an anglophone problem and should be addressed as such.

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