Cameroon: Is it true that there’s no sign of English Language on the Franc CFA banknotes?

Written by Deckson N.

It is said that cuts from 10 000 FCFA to those of 500 FCFA would have been conceived while forgetting to take into account the anglophone component of the country.

In the context of the demands of Cameroonians from the two English-speaking areas of Cameroon (North-West and South-West) since October 11, 2016, who consider themselves marginalized by the majority Francophone administration, comments on social networks have prompted the observation to the point that even banknotes used in the country do not have English inscriptions. And thus, do not take into account the bilingual character of the country.

Willingness to marginalize or not, the fact is that indeed the English language is not visible on the cuts to translate for example the inscription “Banque des Etats de l’Afrique centrale“. Or “Dix mille francs“, “Deux mille francs“, “Mille francs” … Moreover, there is no translationt mentioned for: “Les auteurs ou complices de falsification ou de contrefaçon de billets de banque seront punis conformément aux lois et acte en vigueur “. Everything is in French.

To counter the argument that the currency used in Cameroon is Community (Central African Economic and Monetary Community) and therefore does not specifically take into account the bilingual nature of the country, the euro denominations or the Canadian currency are Excipients. On these foreign banknotes, the writing of the amounts takes account of the linguistic diversity (French, Greek, German, Italian, etc.) that make up the European Union.


But it should be noted that the absence of bilingualism on the FCFA, Cemac zone, can pave the way for other claims coming this time from another community for now silent: the Spanish-speaking. For, Equatorial Guinea counts Spanish among its official languages. But this language, like English, is not as visible on the currency used in the Cemac constituted of Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Central African Republic.

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