Cameroon: Is it true that it rains every day in Debunscha?

Written by Deckson N.

Well, it’s false.

It is even said to be the second rainiest place in the world …

The town of Debunscha in the south-west of the country is known to be one of the rainiest places in the world (its second place in the ranking remains debatable) after Cherrapunji in India. Its rainfall averages 9 meters (9000 mm) per year. Teachers of geography have therefore early instilled in their learners that rain falls there every day. It rains for months in effect. However, with global warming, the rainfall of this part of Cameroon has dropped significantly. The inhabitants of this locality thus regret the periods when the soil was very watered; Favoring fruitful fishing and very intensive agriculture.

The National Institute of Statistics (NIS) reports that in 2007, Debunscha recorded rainfall in 7000 mm; Which dropped considerably in 2005 with 5000 mm of annual rainfall. The Agricultural Surveys and Statistics Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture also reports a rainfall of 7179mm in 2006 and 5295mm in 2007. However, in 1919, Debunscha counted some 14,684mm of rainfall.

The good side of this drastic fall is that schoolchildren go today in class without necessarily being soaked …

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