Cameroon – Buea: A group of youths tried to prevent the march of the SDF!

Written by Deckson N.

Buea, capital of the Southwest Region, met yesterday Monday December 5, 2016, a very rough morning in front of the famous Parliamentarian hotel.

Around fifty young people arrived there around 10 am to demonstrate against the holding in their city of a march and a meeting of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), the leading political party of the opposition. Chairman Ni John Fri Ndi and the SDF parliamentarians arrived in Buea for a march to support English-speaking teachers and lawyers on strike for several weeks. A planned walk on the journey between the Parliamentarian Hotel and Molyko Stadium, a distance of about 5 kilometers.

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In order to prevent this deployment of the leaders and activists of the SDF, young people, suspected by the opposition to be in the pay of the regime of Yaounde, tried to block the exit of Fru Ndi. On the signs that the demonstrators against the opposition brandished, we could read “We stand resolutely behind the new government and the institutions it incarnates” or “We of Buea, say NO” or “Mr Biya, please help The minority South-Westerners from this North west absorption. Enough of this machination “.

Asked about the reasons for their mood, one of the protesters said he wanted to prevent Buea from being contaminated by the popular insurrection which resulted in the paralysis of activities in the city of Bamenda, Northwest Region. “We do not want to walk here in Buea. Let the SDF go and hold its meeting in Bamenda. Our children have to go to school. Cameroon is one and indivisible “insists our interlocutor.

Eventually, after nearly an hour of resistance, the handful of demonstrators was dispersed by the police. And the march of the SDF militants took place as planned. In front of more than ten thousand people at the entrance of the Molyko stadium in Buea, Ni John Fru Ndi declared his party’s support to the students of the University of Buea, whose mood was violently repressed by the police last week. The opposition leader also reiterated his support for striking Anglophone teachers and lawyers. “The return to federalism is the main solution to the problems posed by the strikers,” said Ni John Fru Ndi. After framing the march and the meeting organized by their party, the leaders of the SDF closed their stay in the Southwest by an audience with Okalia Bilai, the governor of the Region.

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  • John william Minang

    For Cameroon to move forward we need a ten state federation , with strong regional governments. Our Francophone brothers should know that federation has nothing in common with secession.


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