Cameroon – Bamenda: [video] Gunshots and arrests following the anglophone claims that persist

Written by Deckson N.

Cameroonian nationals from the southwest and northwest, the two regions of the English-speaking part of the country, again demonstrated on Monday.

In Buea (south-west), the elected representatives of the Social Democratic Front (Sdf), the main opposition party, were in the front line. They mobilized for the meeting of their party, in which took part John Fru Ndi, their leader.

Around the leader of SDF and the main leaders of the party, we saw a huge crowd at the Molyko stadium. Thousands of people gathered at the Molyko Stadium, where the SDF meeting was held.

Faced with his militants, John Fru Ndi, expressed solidarity with the demands of the populations, who advocate the federalism or the secession of Cameroon. On this claim, the Yaounde power does not intend to bow. For the government, such a claim is not on the agenda.

Synchronized, the town of Kumba (South-West), also entered the dance on Monday. The people responded to the slogan of the teachers, who continue their strike.

In Bamenda, the starting point of the Anglophone protest, the situation was also very tense throughout the day.

Some clashes have been reported between the police and the population. In the stronghold of John Fru Ndi, the shops remained closed. The men in uniform squared the city and shots were even heard in places in the chief town of the North-West region.

There are no reports of deaths or injuries for the time being.

The graduation ceremony at the University of Bamenda was scheduled for 9 December was postponed to a later date.

An eyewitness reports at least one arrest, “Policemen arrested my little brother while he was on his bike and went to get his fiancĂ©e’s medication,” said Achu, a resident of Bamenda.

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