Cameroon – Anglophone Strikes: Prominent Cameroonian writer slammed as she said anglophones could have waited for the AFCON to finish first

Written by Deckson N.

Calixthe Beyala, a very famous and influential Cameroonian-French writer who writes in French recently made a post on her official Facebook account about the anglophone problem in Cameroon. Below is what she wrote.

Notice to those who want to take me as a hostage
Dear friends, I have every right to choose to support the Indomitable Lionesses; This event seems to me important for the edification of the unity of the Nation. This is a gathering event and Cameroonians are delighted.
This does not mean that those who want to strike in Buea or elsewhere should not do so; It’s free to them. But I think that these strikes that take place at a time when the whole world is looking at us is a very bad idea. This is a rotten plank for our country. The AFCON is for us a bargain. It gives visibility to the country on an international level … The strikes could have waited, don’t you think so?

Well everybody has freedom of expression, so this normally should not be a problem. But the problem come in when we know this lady as one who has always been against the government of Mr. Biya. She has made herself know on many comments against Paul Biya and even France. During the 2016 FENAC in Yaounde, she was among the many artists who received medals from the government.  Many internet users called her out as they were disappointed for her comments on the Anglophone problem, and they also thought the medal was a bribe.

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