Cameroon – Far North: One dead and two shops burned in an inter-tribal clash

Written by Deckson N.

A man died this Sunday in Makari, Logone-et-Chari division, Far-North region, during inter-community clashes between Kotokos and Choa Arabs, according to testimonies collected from eyewitnesses and within different communities.

According to our information, a young Kotoko from Makari, returning from a neighboring village market, stopped in a locality called Dougoum Mango to recover his debts from his debtor, a Choa Arab.

After exchanges, the creditor, did not come back in possession of his money. Tone up. There was a fight between the two men. Men presented as close to the one who owed money (debtor), the amount of which was not communicated to us, got involved in the brawl that had visibly degenerated.

The blows sent from all sides caused the death of the young creditor. In retaliation, young people from Makari organized a punitive expedition against the inhabitants of the Arab village of Choa where their brother died.

In the market of Makary, the main target of their fury, two shops went out in smoke. Totally calcined.

Calm returned after the descent of the authorities on the spot. These people of the Logone-&-Chari, are regularly involved in cases of inter-tribal clashes.

Last year, a confrontation between Musgum, Massa and Kotoko arising from land disputes had caused 18 wounded….

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