Cameroon – Terrorism: A suicide bomber shot dead in a camp for displaced people in kolofata

Written by Deckson N.

The young woman intended to explode in the midst of thousands of people.

This story took place on the night of 21-22 November 2016. In a refugee camp and displaced from Kolofata where they just had a meal, a deafening cry broke the silence as the camp’s inhabitants prepared to regain their respective chambers. In fact, a suicide bomber just entered the camp.

Sanda Modou, a member of the Kolofata vigilante committee, says: “When we arrived at this camp that was not lit, the occupants were agitated in total darkness. We were with the police, we were told that a suspicious woman hid in the fields of corn that adjoin the camp. I was there with the elements of the Joint Multinational Force, because we usually patrol together. We were told where she was. We have distinguished her in the shade, but no one dared venture there. No soldier dared to take the lead. Although I am poorly armed, since I have only a traditional firearm, I decided to track down this suicide bomber. I approached within ten meters and opened fire on her. She was hit on the right side of the stomach and collapsed.

According to the testimonies, it was around 8 pm that the kamikaze woman entered the camp of Kolofata. Dressed in loincloth and covered with a veil over the upper part of her body, she sought to hide the loads she carried on her chest. In fact, it happens that on this day, it is an inhabitant of the camp who saw her and identified her as a stranger. “Bomb!” Bomb! ” She cried. It is an alert that put the whole camp in panic. “When we arrived in the camp and after taking information from those who saw the woman kamikaze, the soldiers we were with had to shoot in the air to bring calm,” says Sanda Modou once again .

It should be noted that the camp of Kolofata is housed within the precincts of the school. It has about 5,000 people.

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