Cameroon – Eseka tragedy: An investigation from France 24 exposes the causes of the accident!

Written by Deckson N.

The copy of the Yang commission is expected by the end of the week.

A month after the Eseka railway disaster, correspondents of the French channel France 24 said in a report broadcast on November 21 that they had access to “exclusive documents highlighting the defects that cost the lives of 79 people” .

The investigation found that “the train was actually crowded when it derailed near the Eseka station“, 200 km south of Yaounde, due to an interruption of road traffic between Yaounde and Douala following the Collapse of a bridge. “So the passengers had to fall en masse on the railway link“.

According to an internal Camrail document which investigators obtained a copy, “the train was composed of 17 wagons weighing 675 tons. However, according to the railway operator’s own instructions, the load of a passenger train was not to exceed 650 tonnes “.

The journalists of the French channel then concluded that “the driver had to obtain a special order from his hierarchy to leave the station overloaded“.

Retired railway worker Benoit Essiga, who worked with French journalists in their investigation, said that “eight Chinese-made wagons with no adequate braking system” were added “in a hurry” on the morning of the drama.

The drama was then predictable with all the elements of investigation presented. Especially that the place where the accident occurred “should be crossed at 40 km/hour. Unfortunately, the train arrived at 96 km/hour, “conclude the investigators of France 24.

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