Cameroon – AFCON 2016: The illegal sale of tickets to the stadium is doing well

Written by Deckson N.

Fraudsters supply the black market with access tickets to stadiums without being in any way worried.

La Nouvelle Expression went to the sports stadium of Yaounde at just over 1PM on Tuesday, November 22, the day of the match between Cameroon and South Africa, within the framework of the 10th edition of the Women AFCON 2016. In its publication of 24 November 2016, the newspaper reveals that the kick-off being scheduled at 4 pm local time, some supporters lined up to buy the tickets were impatient, tired of waiting for the long line to advance. “It’s wasting time too much. Do they even know that there are guys who also sell the tickets in front? “, Pests an impatient supporter.

He immediately headed across the street, buying a ticket at a price of 1300 FCFA from a dealer posted on the roadside, which is 300 FCFA more than the official price. “I prefer to lose 300 FCFA instead of wasting time there, with the policemen even disturbing,” says Nico.

Speaking to the reporter of the newspaper, the dealer cried: The ticket “is 1500 FCFA, how much do you have?“. “I have 800 CFA francs,” replied the reporter. “So you do not even buy at the purchase price (1000 FCFA). Go buy at the counter, “retorted the clandestine salesman. Thus, the tickets officially sold at 1000 FCFA are clandestinely resold between 1300 and 1500, or even 2000 FCFA. Those sold at 5000 FCFA are 7000 FCFA and those of 15 000 FCFA are 20 000 FCFA.

On 19 November 2016, at the opening of the competition, the commission in charge of ticketing had declared the sale of 35 000 tickets totally exhausted. But, in the vicinity of the omnisport stadium of Yaounde, underlines the newspaper, the sale in the black market was done in all quietude while the counters were closed.

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