Cameroon – Terrorism: A former refugee turned into an emissary of Boko Haram arrested in the Far North

Written by Deckson N.

He was arrested by a vigilante committee member. The former refugee had to identify targets for Boko Haram.

Lawan Alhadji, a former Nigerian refugee from the Sanda-Wadjiri refugee camp, also according to sources, a member of the terrorist sect Boko Haram, has been arrested. He was challenged by the members of the vigilante committee on 16 November. According to sources, his mission would be to identify targets on behalf of terrorists. “We had information that the Boko Haram elements from Goshe in Nigeria had entered the village. We then anticipated by investing the bush to ambush them. That’s how we put our hands on him. He is well known in our locality because he spent two years there as a refugee, “said Alhadji Abba Doumana member of the vigilante committee of Sanda-Wadjiri.

For the newspaper L’Oeil du Sahel, published on 21 November 2016, this story “will not undoubtedly fix the refugee affair. Even if Cameroon does not proclaim it aloud, Cameroon, the host country by excellence of the refugees of many countries, has for some time looked on the back and forth of the Nigerian refugees on its territory to the point where she did not respond to the opening of a second Nigerian refugee camp in the Far North.” According to the newspaper, Cameroonian authorities fear today that among these refugees are hiding the terrorists of Boko Haram.

To return to the ex-refugee arrested and who is aged 30, he stayed in the locality from 2014 to 2015. He came from Nigeria. He settled there with his parents because of the insecurity created by Boko Haram. Corresponding sources reveal that it was after the death of his father that he had to join the ranks of the terrorist sect.

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