Cameroon – Anglophone Marginalization: The AFP party condemns the government for not giving a listening ear to the NW and SW protesters!

Written by Deckson N.

For a week now, teachers in the English-speaking Regions have joined lawyers from these parts of the country in the strike they have launched. Politicians have taken the floor and say what they think.

Indeed, common law lawyers fiercely oppose the dilution of the Anglo-Saxon civil system in favor of the Napoleonic Civil Code and demand the respect for the legal dualism of the State of Cameroon, the withdrawal of French-speaking magistrates from their courts and the creation of a Common Law Chamber at the Supreme Court.

Opposed, the Government, through a pernicious brainwashing communication has long worked to suggest to the collective subconscious that the complaints of this part of our population are null and void. Teachers have followed the lawyers’ footsteps, claiming harshly, improving their working conditions and respecting their education system.

The symbolism of the coffin brandished by these fellow citizens is revealing the degree of the wrath that animates them. The propensity of the soldiery of the regime to use brutality wrongly and through fears the worst for the stability of our country whose social fabric is already greatly weakened.

Therefore, the Alliance of Progressive Forces (AFP), to the southwest and northwest, would like to show you its solidarity because the leitmotiv of your demands and your fight is right. Based on the essence of democracy, which is THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE, we point out to the CPDM regime that the tactics of deaf ears, diversion, sprinkling, intimidation or Even violence can not prosper ad vitam aeternam, faced with a people who lack everything, who feels excluded from everything and who, moreover, is plundered with frenzy and on a daily basis by those to whom we entrusted our becoming.

To think of continuing to govern Cameroon at the beginning of the 21st century, without perspective or vision, with mediocrity, arrogance, vile pretension, in defiance of any consensus, because obsessed with power, does not bode well for present generations , Still less for posterity.

Our current leaders must imperatively rise to the challenges posed by the historical, civilizational, systemic and administrative characteristics of our country, Cameroon. This implies that the crises of any entity in our country that they arise require a minimum of interest, of listening, and of diplomacy for their resolution. It is here that the word govern, takes on its full meaning.

The people of Cameroon, whether English-speaking or French-speaking, have the right in these times of democracy to proclaimed at the very least, to express their joys, fears, oppositions, these annoyances freely in the street And under the supervision of the forces of order. To not accept it is to be against the current of the history and the dynamics of the times. If the Biya regime does not understand it today, then it will never understand it. His acts and his decisions towards and against the sovereign people of Cameroon bring us daily proof that he can no longer continue to administer, direct a people loving freedom, justice and modernity and whose aspirations go beyond it.

In view of all this, the Alliance of Progressive Forces (AFP), by my way wishes to express its sympathy to the wounded, humiliated citizens and the family of the deceased already registered.

The Alliance of Progressive Forces (AFP) draws the attention of law enforcement officials and officials to the urgency of scrupulous compliance with the laws on freedom of expression and the various international instruments For the protection of human rights, to which Cameroon is a signatory. No administrative or governmental authority, no gendarme or military will be able to take refuge in due course, behind the pretext of “orders from above” to escape the punishment of justice which will then be proportional to the exactions perpetrated by excessive¬†displaced zeal.

Done at Yaounde, on 22 November 2016
The National President

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