Cameoon – Telecom: Orange Cameroon wants to install videoconferencing infrastructure in state universities

Written by Deckson N.

Speaking on 21 November 2016 in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital, at the opening of an international colloquium on social networks, Elisabeth Medou Badang, Orange Cameroon’s DG, revealed that the company she runs ” Has recently launched a call for expressions of interest in the direction of the State Universities, with a view to providing the videoconferencing infrastructure for carrying out a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) project or any other exchange project “.

According to the DG, the operation 500 000 computers offered to Cameroonian students following a decision of the highest authorities of the country, aroused a lot of interest in Orange Cameroon. “We have already, at this stage, already expressed our goodwill and our readiness to accompany the realization of this initiative, in particular for aspects where our expertise could serve, in this case the problems of connectivities“, also revealed Ms. Medou.

Through these two initiatives, it has been learned, the subsidiary in Cameroon of the French telecom group Orange intends not only to “take advantage of the virtualization of exchanges, as an important leverage of access to knowledge“, but also to accompany the Countries in its march towards the digital economy.

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  • nadia nash

    How can any true soveriegn country allow foriegn governments/corperations collect and store so much personal data on it’s citizens; with regards to the biometrics new ID cards, and now free laptops and the proposed video conferencing facilities at universities, by foriegn French corperations? Citizens should understand that there is no such thing as FREE; for if it is free then you as the recepient are the product. The continues interfearance of France government/corperations/companies into all aspects in it’s African colonies, in terms of France continues ownership, total control, distribution of it’s slavery tax currency CFA, the natural resources of it’s African colonies, the control of the military, police, navy, the printing of all text books by French corperations/companies, railways, airlines, roads, ports, cement manufacturing, brewery, etc., after 50 – 60 years of so called independent, makes one questions if these independents are fake? A country can never be independent when the ownership, printing, control, circulation, distribution, exchange rate of it’s currency, banking system, of it’s currency if owned by a foriegn country. France has never given Financial Independents to any of it’s African colonies, and it continues to militarily imposed it’s Slavery Tax Currency CFA, on it’s African colonies to date. This inhuman financial slavery tax currency mandates Cameroon deposits directly into France treasury 65% of it’s annual GDP, plus another 20% for military training that is a whopping 85% of Cameroon annual GDP mandatorily goes to France Treasury annually. France also collects 60% of all Cameroon’s natural resources, and French companies have first refusal of all natural resources sales on the international market, meaning Cameroon can only access international markets through France. Why is no one asking why France military imposed slavery tax currency CFA, can not be exchanged in banks in foriegn countries, except France? Why are Cameroonians and other citizens in France African colonies not protesting and demanding total Financial Independent from France? Why is the fact that CFA slavery tax currency, is militarily impossed on all France colonies in Africa not taught in primary/secondary/high schools, and universities. This is the main reason why France colonies in Africa and around the world are the poorest; for they have a shame/fake independent, and France continues to suck and bleed their resources dry. African citizens have to take the inniciative to free themselves from this inhuman military impossed financial slavery tax/financial aparthied system, if their governments can do.

  • nadia nash
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