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Cameroon – Garoua: A 31-year-old man assassinated because he could not pay 50 frs for bread he ate.

Written by Deckson N.

On Saturday, 19 November, in the Yelwa neighborhood of Garoua, Valentin Mbaiori, a 31-year-old man was beaten to death for eating a piece of bread he could not pay.

“Valentin M. went to a lady who sells breakfasts at the roundabout of the Yelwa neighborhood. Obviously, those were his habits. He seized a piece of bread that he devoured. Right after, he put his hands in pockets to realize or pretend that he “forgot” his money “He turned his pockets out and they were empty“. The saleswoman, who has the reputation of not being a lender, told him “I’m going to kill you,” before shouting “a thief, “the paper said.

It was then that “vigorous boys who are said to be the saleswoman’s sons began to molest the” the man”. Kicks and fists were raining. Valentin M., was overwhelmed. It was then that a neighbor known as Emma Goumier, literally Emma, the prison guard, came out of his house. The official of the prison administration known for his brutality lives 50 meters from the place of the drama, “reads.

He ran out with a stick.” Emma mingled with the lynching. He started by blowing his gun at the neck of the man. Dazed, the latter collapsed. It was at this moment that a motorcycle taxi driver tried to intervene, the newspaper said. “He offered to pay the 50 FCFA to keep the poor guy quiet. The woman and the people who beat him refused. “

For the avengers, an exemplary correction was necessary. The blows redoubled. At one point, Valentin M., did not even react. “Emma then pushed the inanimate body with the foot into the gutter.” They all believed that their victim just fainted. “Witnesses tried to raise the body from the gutter. Life had abandoned Valentin M. At the cries of mourning they received, the lynchers understood that their victim was dead. Emma and the others fled, “wrote Le Jour.

The DO of Garoua I and the gendarmes and policemen who accompanied him found only the saleswoman tapped with remorse and fear. “Valentin M., was of the Sara ethnic group, these are Chadian nationals who have settled here for generations. They are very fierce. They would certainly have tried to get revenge and it would have degenerated into a general fight. “

According to the newspaper, to avoid a more serious brawl and to know more about what happened, the authorities kept the saleswoman in sight while Emma and her accomplices are actively wanted.

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