Cameroon – AFCON 2016: “It will be a war against Cameroon” Says South African coach.

Written by Deckson N.

After a bad start against Zimbabwe (0-0), South Africa plays its future on Tuesday against Cameroon, as part of the second day of AFCON 2016. The Banyana Banyana aim for victory and nothing ‘else. Their coach believes they are capable of shooting the Lionesses. In a press conference this Monday, she spoke about this game that looks promising, without delivering the strategy she intends to put in place.

What can South Africa do to Cameroon?

We came out of a draw, and we have to rectify the shot during this game that will oppose us to Cameroon. We took into account the mistakes we made in the first game. The goal is to do everything possible to take the three points of tomorrow. Victory is an imperative. We played several times against Cameroon. Sometimes we lost, and sometimes we won. But matches follow each other and are not alike. Tomorrow is another day, and another match. We must believe in our victory. We must believe that qualification is still possible.

What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the Cameroonian team?

We rested, we watched the first game of Cameroon, and we believe we are able to beat this team tomorrow. But if I told you what I could identify as strengths and weaknesses of this team, it would deliver you the strategy we are going to put in place. And so, I prefer to keep this for ourselves because it is about winning this game and nothing else. The girls are conscious enough.

How do you plan to deal with pressure from the public?

We played in other countries like Equatorial Guinea where the stadium was full, but we played with the conviction and the will to win, and we won. I think that tomorrow, we will do the same, we will give ourselves thoroughly to take the Cameroonian public to bear us. We are going to give ourselves all the means to take these three points; Because tomorrow’s game is extremely important for our team. If we start our game where we left it against Zimbabwe, I think that means we can get opportunities and put goals in the net. Tomorrow, it will be a real war against Cameroon.

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