Cameroon – Bamenda: [video] Alleged “peaceful” strike going out of hand!

Today 21 November 2016 was supposed to be a strike organised by English-speaking teacher. Consequently, all Educational Institutions in NW and SW regions were supposed to be locked today as these teachers asked parents to keep their children at home.

But according to Tapang Ivo Tanku, a Facebook user, things turned apart as “Okada riders” joined the show in Bamenda. Below is what he said.

Thousands of English-speaking Cameroonians in the main opposition stronghold of Bamenda, Cameroon, are chanting “we are ready to die” if the military attempts to use violence in the nationwide peaceful protest against the marginalization of nearly 10 million citizens living in English-speaking regions.

Several protesters have brought their coffins to the streets, advising the police to kill them and drop their dead bodies in the coffins.

We are ready for death. The solution to end these more than 50 years of marginalization is inclusive dialogue and nothing else,” one protesters told me.

“We need the president to negotiate with us on a level-playing field. It is now or never,” a man standing in a casket shouted. “My middle name is death.”

All schools in the English-speaking regions are shut down and thousands are protesting with lawyers and teachers taking the lead.

Since 1961, grievances between English-speaking and French-speaking citizens have never reached a dialogue table. Only two Presidents have ruled the country since then. Most key positions and schools in the country are reserved for French-speaking citizens only.

“You must have a French names like Atanagana or Mvondo to succeed,” says Mbain Clemons.

There has been no official statement from the authorities. The strike is reportedly calm but very intense.

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Deckson N.

  • cameroon wil neva be in peace unless our president negotiates wit de bamenda people and divide cameroon into 2.

  • ngum ken

    let us do what is right at the right time and stop harming and killing the innocent citizens

  • ngum ken

    let us do what is right at the right time and stop harming and killing the innocent citizens . let dialogue peacefully

  • Charles

    atangana is a Beti name not a french name please

  • Charles

    please tell to your brother abraod to return to their Job as civil servant, because many are still earning salary while they are abroad
    3 ENSET in Cameroon: 2 in anglophone side and we are asking that anglophone school should receive only anglophone, when we are going to study in Germany, Spain China , etc are we not accepted
    UBA and UB are in Cameroon any Cameroonian should fill Free, the majority of anglophones lecturer were teaching in Yaounde, Douala, Dschang etc

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