Cameroon – Adamawa: The police station of Ngaoundere on fire.

Written by Deckson N.

The Ngaoundéré police police station was recently ravaged by the flames.

From the building, only the walls containing the traces of the fire remain. A fire broke out on 13 November 2016 in the building housing the police office in the capital of the Adamaoua region. L’Œil du Sahel published on 17 November reports that everything has gone up in smoke (furniture, documents, computer equipment, roofing).

For the moment, the origin of the fire remains undetermined. Our colleague said that Marcel Ondoa Ondoa, the head of the service, who was in Yaounde at the time of the fire, returned hastily on Tuesday morning 15 November. Before leaving, he kept personal belongings in his office, including documents (birth certificates, diplomas, appointments), a television set, a bottle of gas … which went up in smoke. Only the gas bottle found empty has been spared by the fire .

According to a local resident, “when the elements of the GMI arrived, it was still smoke coming out of the office of the head of the unit. They broke the door and were able to save a wooden chair, a computer monitor and a landline phone. In the meantime, they called firefighters who arrived around 2:30 pm. It was when they finished installing their equipment that they found that their vehicle had no water.

Governor Boukar Kildadi Taguiéké came to the scene. The intervention of the fire brigade did not prevent the disaster. “Despite the return of firefighters, the governor found their inability to control the flames and appealed to the sappers of CAMRAIL and those of the airport. But it was already too late. All they did was to limit the fiery flames so that they did not spread in the neighborhood, “says one witness.

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