Cameroon – East: Refugees will now eat only once a day

Refugee children
Written by Deckson N.

According to the World Food Program, this is due to the lack of financial resources.

At present, the Eastern Region of Cameroon welcomes more than 150,000 Central African refugees. A few weeks before the end of the year, the daily newspaper Le Jour, published on 14 November 2016, reports that the World Food Program has decided to halve the food ration given to them. This information, according to the daily, was made public last Friday during a press conference jointly given by Abdoulaye Balde, the representative of the World Food Program in Cameroon, and his counterpart Khassim Diagne, the High Commission of the United Nations for refugees.

According to the statements of the two officials, this crisis will last only in the months of November and December. “We do not do it to harm, because our mission is to assist refugees by providing them with a food ration that can meet their basic needs. But now our boxes are empty. To cope with this situation we need a sum of one billion four forty-five million FCFA. We take this opportunity to make an urgent appeal to donors’ generosity to respond to fundraising, “says the WFP representative.

It should be remembered that the refugees were previously fed two or three times a day. Today with the crisis at the doors of houses, they will not have more than one meal. No more meat, fish. “Each refugee had an average of 12 kilograms of rice per week. They will no longer have this quantity for lack of financial resources, “added the representative of the WFP in Cameroon.

Children under the age of three, pregnant women, the elderly and the young are affected by this reduction in the ration, which will have consequences on several levels,” writes the daily


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