Cameroon – 2016 AFCON: Each Lioness should receive 24.5million CFA F “IF” they win the AFCON!

Written by Deckson N.

The amounts of the bonuses were communicated to the players during a meeting this 14 of November in Yaounde.

The issue of bonuses is settled. The Indomitable Lionesses and their coaches are now aware of the amounts they will be awarded at the 10th Women AFCON (19 November – 3 December). A meeting between the players and the authorities for this purpose, was held on Monday night at the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education.

It emerges that in case of final victory, Christine Manie and her teammates will each receive the sum of 24 475 000 FCFA. The amounts were communicated by the President of FECAFOOT, Tombi A Roko Sidiki. In this money, there are the attendance bonus, qualifying bonus and bonuses per objective.

Each player will receive 500,000 FCFA in attendance bonus. The Lionesses will receive, each also 4 million FCFA representing the qualification bonus. These two bonuses should be paid within the next few hours. In case of qualification for the second round, each of the 21 girls selected for the competition will receive 5 million FCFA.

This sum will amount to 8 million FCFA if the vice-champions of Africa in title reach the final. And if they win the trophy, each player will have 10 million FCFA. The total is 27,500,000 FCFA for each of the Lionesses. According to the Finance Act, a tax of 11% will be deducted from this sum. This will bring it to CFAF 24,475,000. Coach Carl Enow Ngachu will receive double the amount, which is 48,950,000 FCFA.

By communicating these amounts, the authorities want to avoid strikes known in the past around bonuses after or before international competitions. The Lionesses can now concentrate on their goal number 1: winning the AFCON.

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