Cameroon – North: The brigade commander of Poumpoumré (Garoua) suspended for insubordination to the Governor

Written by Deckson N.

The adjutant Mboumvang is accused of having refused to obey the instructions of the Governor.

At the gendarmerie brigade of Poumpouré in Garoua, the commanding officer, Adjutant Mboumvang, was replaced by his deputy. The latter is responsible for managing current affairs pending the appointment of a new commander. This is the consequence of the decision to suspend Mboumvang, taken on 10 November 2016.

The facts are reported by L’Œil du Sahel published on November 14, 2016. “The case dates back to Saturday, November 5, 2016. That day, the CACGALOP association decided to launch the horse racing season at the municipal stadium of Poumpoumré in Garoua, under the presidency of the governor of the Northern region, Jean Edi’i Abate. As a prelude to the celebration of the 34th anniversary of the accession to the highest office of the President of the Republic Paul Biya on 6 November, the organizers decided to pay tribute to him through this ceremony. The governor and his staff were mobilized for the occasion. In order not to neglect certain details, the CACGALOP association solicitated from the Poumpoumré gendarmerie brigade, located within the walls of the municipal stadium, which occupies the premises used for stadium administration, the supply of electrical energy In the official stand of the stadium the time of the competition, “said the biweekly.

But the gendarmes opposed everything. It is then that the administrative authorities were called to the rescue. The Governor thus instructed the brigade commander of Poumpoumré to supply supply electric power to the official tribune. But Adjutant Mboumvang did not execute. It is a generator that was ultimately used to handle the situation.

The celebration passed, but the Governor did not forget. “On 7 November 2016, an internal investigation was opened against Chief Warrant Officer Mboumvang for insubordination and non-compliance with instructions. The procedure resulted in his suspension on 10 November 2016, “the paper said.

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