Cameroon – National Assembly: The president of the National Assembly says Social Media is a new form of terrorism!

Written by Deckson N.

The President of the National Assembly considers social networks as a vector of disinformation and manipulation of consciences.

Are Cameroonian authorities at war with social networks? Everything carries that to a yes. They multiply the muscular exits against these media meant for exchanging and sharing information online.

On November 1, 2016, Cameroon tribune, the government daily, titled: “Dérives sur les réseaux sociaux: la cote d’alerte“. In this article, which some observers did not hesitate to describe as commissioned by the authorities, the national bilingual daily wrote that “erroneous information, ripped-up images as well as others that are shocking have been circulating for several weeks, creates psychosis in the public opinion, “denounced CT.

This feeling shared by some politicians close to the power is also that of the President of the National Assembly (PNA). Cavaye Yeguié Djibril took advantage of the Thursday opening of the parliamentary session in November to carry another charge against social networks. “How not to evoke to deplore, this new form of terrorism, just as insidious that is lately foaming the cyberspace. I want to talk about the phenomenon of social networks, “said the PNA.

He presented a blackboard that suggests that social networks are essentially negative. “Originally viewed as a communication tool and a platform for online sharing, social networks have become a weapon of misinformation. Still worse for intoxication and the manipulation of consciousness, thus sowing psychosis in the midst of public opinion. A social phenomenon now as dangerous as a missile released in nature, “he insisted.

For the elect of the nation, the phenomenon “is more dangerous than this flood of misinformation and amateurs are unfortunately more and more changing the antithesis of all ethics,” he indicated adding that “social networks have become Cameroon’s social ills.

A burden that illustrates the consideration that certain politicians have of social networks. They seem to be unavoidable, even indispensable today. On this subject, Raoul Simplice Minlo, the former journalist of the CRTV, in a recent forum, called on the Cameroonians to adapt.

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