Cameroon – Corruption in the SDF: Ni John Fru Ndi responds to accusations of Elimbi Lobe

Written by Deckson N.

The leader of the Social Democratic Front (SDF), said that the “famous resignation” resignation of the councilman of Douala 5th was expected.

Since his resignation from the Social Democratic Front (SDF), Abel Elimbi Lobe has repeatedly denounced the corruption that plagues the inner workings of the party. “The first condition of this party today is corruption which is accompanied by the inability that this organization has to respect its own texts. This leads it to operate informally, to work arbitrarily, “criticized the Councillor of the Commune of Douala 5th sub division.

The chairman of the main opposition party in Cameroon was made aware of the multiple statements of his now former comrade in the media. And his reaction was swift. “It’s unfortunate because I have not followed live. Journalists know why he behaves well in recent months. I think his famous resignation was expected. He spent most of his time insulting the frames of my political party. Myself, I was personally insulted by this gentleman “regretted Fru Ndi, who invite Elimbi Lobe to cultivate the spirit of fair play.

I wish him all the best in his future political party. He talks about corruption and abuse of authority. I must say that for several years I have sent emissaries to reorganize the party bodies in the Littoral. There have always been obstacles. I believe in being fair play, you should respect the statutes of your party. He talks about corruption. So far I am not aware of the case. It was the only corrupt person and it’s a shame! ” Said the chairman in the daily Le Jour. The leader of the SDF expressed confidence in the team that has been mandated to conduct elections in the Littoral region. “Moreover, what authority does he speak? The SDF is the only political party that holds regular meetings and rallies across the NEC. All those recriminations go through this body, “he said.

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