Cameroon – Forestry: The Cameroon Ministry of Forestry suspend approval of 23 forestry companies

Written by Deckson N.

The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF), Philip Ngole Ngwese, suspended approval for the forestry profession granted to 23 companies and two groups of community interest for various reasons generally related to non-compliance of sustainable management standards.

Among the suspended firms are found ” Société de transformation du bois du Cameroun”, “Afrique Bois Cameroun,” “Transformation tropicale du Sud”, ” La Forestière du Cameroun ,” “Marvellous Forest”, etc. This decision indicates the MINFOF, covering a period of six months will not be lifted until the closing of open litigation against offenders and full payment of the charges due and payable. It therefore involves the immediate cessation of logging activities by the concerned.

The MINFOF envisaged that the final withdrawal of such approval could be issued automatically if offenders continue their activities after notification of the suspension.

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