Cameroon – Politics: 200 NUDP militants rallied to CPDM

Written by Deckson N.

The town of Garoua experienced an unusual birthday for the accession of Paul Biya in power this November 6, 2016.

200 militants including 185 women of the National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) have turned their backs on their political party on November 6, 2016. In a lively ceremony in the stronghold of Bello Bouba Maigari party in Foulbéré 4 in Garoua, frustrated NUDP militants expressed their “enough is enough” before wrapping themselves for the first time in the attire of the CPDM.

These grassroots militants chose to hit where it would really hurt; in the 2nd District of Garoua, the only district in Garoua where the party is still in the control of the municipality. For over 22 years, those resigning militants say they have served the party body and soul to save the name of Ahmadou Ahidjo, but in the end, they have harvested nothing in return. They say they have depleted in favor of the party hierarchy that has always given a deaf ear to their complaints.

In the resignation statement submitted to the President of the CPDM Section II of Benue Centre and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Ahmadou Sardaouna, quitters say “if also in other political parties, it advocates democracy, fairness and respect, in the NUDP it is quite the opposite, they close the door for you every time you’re in trouble. The party has instead created beggars, “lamented the group of resigned militants.

We are emerging from a sinking boat and many of our relatives perished in that boat whose captain no longer masters the direction. We are proud to be among the survivors and we advise our brothers to leave the boat as fast before drowning, “testified one of them, Ms. Fadimatou Bouba.

For Ahmadou Sardaouna, to “join the CPDM on November 6 is a historic event that will remain etched in the history of the CPDM and its opponents.” The Secretary General of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing invited new activists to educate their peers who still seek the path of truth to advocate the CPDM party so that the flames snatches Garoua Commune from the hands of the NUDP at the next election.

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