Cameroon – Investigation: Head of State calls Chantal Biya Madam the president!

Written by Deckson N.

His poor health, his relationship with God and his frequent visits to Switzerland” are among other subjects of the investigation that the drafting of Jeune Afrique, led by François Sudan, published on the intimacy of the Cameroonian Head of State .

6 November 1982 to 06 November 2016. 34 years ago that Paul Biya has been invested in the presidency. While the latter and his supporters celebrate this 34th anniversary, the Pan-African weekly Jeune Afrique, announced for Monday, November 7 in kiosks, a special report on the Cameroonian head of state who is considered as a secret man. “Chantal, whom her husband calls Madam president, his children, Franck Biya who is a businessman, his relationship with God, his poor health” are the topics covered by the investigation, according to François Sudan. The Managing Editor of the weekly Jeune Afrique commented this issue this morning of Sunday November 6 on the airwaves of RFI. “Paul Biya is a president who is secret, solitary, present, or absent, often despairing activities, but in reality constantly on standby, who runs away from media like people running away from Ebola. he is brilliant, charming in private, an Ace autopilot, remote government, but never by proxy … This is someone who is obsessed with the civil peace. If he could freeze Cameroon, he would “concludes François Sudan.

Biya intime” is the title of the investigation which promises to reveal “everything you want to know about the Cameroonian President without daring to ask“: Family, networks, money, health, beliefs, hobbies, daily life, etc.

For example: “The office (of the President at the unity palace) has no TV but a transistor that switches between radio shows and classical music. The president listens Beethoven or Handel, classical tastes inherited from his priestly formation in priesthood (Alsatian) of the Holy Spirit and his visit to the Akono seminary (Center region). The monastic silence is required. After being restored, Paul Biya begins his workday. No one has ever seen him in the office without his eternal dark double-breasted suit” writes Georges Dougueli, the author of the investigation.

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