Cameroon – Eseka Tragedy: The National Executive Committee of the Social Democratic Front is setting up a commission of inquiry

Written by Deckson N.

MP Fobi Nchinda states that “this commission will release the results of its investigation at the end of the work done to solve this case.”

According to La Nouvelle Expression of 7 November 2016, the Commission of Inquiry is composed of 7 members. “Names of people in this commission were not mentioned, but we learned from reliable sources that it is composed of lawyers, senators and some people of the Chadow Cabinet,” the newspaper said. MP Fobi Chinda states that “this committee will make public the results of its investigation at the end of the work done to solve this case.”┬áThe said committee’s main task will determine the cause of the serious train accident occurred on 21 October in Eseka, and to determine the exact number of dead and responsibilities of each other.

The National Executive Committee (NEC), said the MP Simon Fobi Chinda, asked the commission to provide real information on the exact number of dead. Until today, said the NEC foundation spokesman this Saturday, November 5, “the number of deaths is not clear. The figures are disputed by witnesses and survivors of the accident who rather speak of hundreds of deaths, “said Fobi Chinda.

The creation of this commission of inquiry is one of the resolutions taken during the National Executive Committee of the SDF held on November 5 in Bamenda. So far the Government has sought to assert that the derailment had led to the deaths of 79 people, more than 600 wounded, the removal of wagons should therefore lead to the increase of the balance sheet (the latter logically exceeded 79 dead, as many wounded have already died in hospitals). According to the Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MINATD), wagons have not yet been removed from the ravine.

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