Cameroon – Abel Elimby Lobé: [video] SDF militant blasts John Fru Ndi, and resigns after being sanctioned by the NEC

Written by Deckson N.

Less than 24 hours after his suspension from the National Executive Committee of the SDF, Abel Elimby Lobé decided yesterday Sunday, November 6, 2016 to resign from the SDF. Invited to the course of the same day on the set of 7 hebdo, a show broadcast on the Stv television channel that broadcasts from Douala, the now former militant of the SDF explained why he decided to slam the door of the main opposition party.

The SDF is damaged morally, very deficient in terms of its internal administration. I feel that this party is not the alternative we have believed since the 90s from its inception, compared to the regime led by the CPDM. The SDF has become a corrupt party, extremely rotten from within. So, all that motivated me to estimate that it is no longer necessary to work with this political family there, and I now belong to the category of men who try to work to gather the Cameroonian in good faith, to develop a new political alternative, “said Lobe Elimby before returning to what was according to him, the cause of his suspension on Saturday in Bamenda at the start of the work of the Executive Committee of the SDF.

John Fru Ndi said that he was very unhappy with me because I speak ill of him on TV trays. He said he could not be comfortable being the executive committee in my presence. I understand the attitude of Mr. John Fru Ndi. I am among those who asked us to be an exemplary organization and we can not spend our time fighting the CPDM and evoke alternating requirement without ourselves being examples of alternation. So I said several times on trays that it was essential that the party knows internal transfers. President Fru Ndi has an extremely corrupt politician reputation.

About his political future, the very truculent Elimby Lobe says he is of those “who do not want to create a political party because it will bring nothing specific, I am a left conservative of left values and there are many political parties who claim this obedience there. So it is perfectly possible that I become an active militant in any of these parties.

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