Cameroon – West: Is it true that twins posses supernatural powers?

Written by Deckson N.

A popular legend has it that the Bamiléké in western Cameroon, twins are endowed with supernatural powers.

A bamiléké notable, member of the koungang (traditional secret society) confirms the belief: “For us, they are special creatures with special powers,” informs our source, who requested anonymity.

Why are these powers so special, one might wonder. In reality, we learn from the aforementioned notable, the twin makes a merry home, it protects, brings it fortune and joy. On the other hand, the twins are known to soothe or heal fractures or dislocations with massages. “The twin is endowed with smooth, healthy hands. He/she is the friend of God and as such, he/she can defy all traditional taboos; as not to sit on such head of chair “proudly punctuates the notable, himself the father of twins.

He mentions a key element that could explain these unusual gifts: twins undergo traditional rite at birth (and after their death). At the birth of the twins, women close to their mother cook the Nkuii (traditional dish) they bring to the ancestors. They also cook the “Bean koki” and put a basket at the entrance of the gate. Each visitor of the twin babies should throw money there to materialize the fortune brought by the twins (even if they are triplets or quadruplets). “Seriously, my twins gave me stability and prosperity, says Paul Joel a bamiléké native. I feel a real change between before and after their arrival in the world, “he says with conviction.

The twins also have special names in the Bamileke country “Ngondja“, “NTAA koungang“, “Soffo” (Friend of God) or names ending in “Fack” (as Donfack, Sonfack) to mean that one is twin . Parents of twins also receive honors. Their mother will be called “Magni” and the father, “Tagni“.

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