Cameroon – Statistics: The majority (59.9%) of households in Cameroon own their homes

Written by Deckson N.

Despite their limited income with a minimum wage of 36,270 CFA francs, can Cameroonians manage to build their own house?

The National Statistics Institute (NSI) released recently, a study that upset conventional wisdom in housing in Cameroon. The prejudice is that Cameroonians can not afford to build their own home. The argument is that the guaranteed minimum wage, for example, is set at 36 270 FCFA when in neighboring countries like Gabon, it is 150 000 FCFA.

Only that, according to the main report of the results of the first phase of the second national survey on employment and the informal sector (EESI 2) during the year 2010 (Reference period), readers discover that the majority of households in Cameroon (59.9%) own their homes (including 11.4% with land title and 48.5% without land title). 32.6% of households are renting (including 32.2% in leases) and 7.2% are housed by someone (including 6.0% who stay free with a parent or friend).

In urban areas, the study says, more than half of the households (54.8%) are rented. Regarding comfort, 5 out of 10 households (48.8%) live in housing with solid materials. And the use of gas for cooking, access to electricity and drinking water are far from a reality for most households.

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