Cameroon – Paul Biya: That moment the president does his campaign behind the Lionesses!

Written by Deckson N.

Giant posters of the president, visibly running for re-election in 2018 cast a shadow posters announcing the event which the kick off is expected in 15 days. A political communication campaign quarantines the main actors of this historic AFCON, to which a thin space was dedicated.

We expected to see the Lionesses in the background. It’s rather Paul Biya that the communication Commission selected as the star of the 2016 Women AFCON. Even the mascot “Lili” was really just a trick. The real mascot is called Paul Biya!.

Yet we believed that after the harsh criticism of the press, which did not understand that in a month to the competition, no communication was initiated to at least prepare people for the hosting of this event, the said Commission would’ve at least tried to achieve a real finalization to the tournament. But as a response, it is another flop that these experts of  communication served to fans of the national team. In their eyes, the star is none other than Paul Biya. Him the head of state, King, God.

All impressive posters that can be seen in the main streets of Yaounde and Limbe, carry this message to the less burlesque “Women AFCON Cameroon 2016, a great achievement, a great success“, with as an illustration next the image of goalkeeper N’nomgui, wider than that of the players involved in the competition. We can hardly identify the three Lionesses on these panels that flood the boulevards and avenues of the host cities. Cameroon’s first sports man thus arrogates unto himself, brightness and clarity. Even the logo of the competition similar to a sting, is barely visible.

Presidential elections in sight

To believe the supporters of the regime, the organization of the AFCON 2016 is a “success” which is attributed to Paul Biya. He who, in 83 years, including 34 years in power, had not yet managed to organize since he came to power (1982), an African Cup of Nations. In a competition where girls have shed blood and sweat for five good years, raising the flag of Cameroon in the firmament, it’s a pity that now all these sacrifices and recognized performance internationally, are now the preserve of the “first Cameroonian sportsman.

Forgeting the essentials to boast the futile

During the ceremony of drawing of lots on September 20, it was the same ritual. Hundreds of giant posters of Paul Biya, firmly suspended, flooding the Multipurpose Sports Complex in Yaounde. There were hardly flags and other banners of the Confederation of African Football (CAF). Where are the posters of our heroines: Christine Mani, Enganamouit, Aboudi Onguéné, Mefometou, Leuko, Chout Njoya, Ngo Ndom and Co.? Why have Biya stolen their glory? Cameroon thus remained true to herself. Forgetting the essentials to boast the futile. A one man show which lasts for ages.

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