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Cameroon – Buea: Chinese man beats, sacks Cameroonian employee for resting during work

Written by Deckson N.

A Chinese man is reported to have beaten up a worker in Molyko stadium in Buea, South West Region, when he found the employee straightening himself at work.

According to reports gathered, 26-year old Terence Akat from sandpit said the Chinese man assaulted him with a spade on thursday October 20, 2016 nearly cutting off his arm. Akat said after working for long hours, he stood up to rest.

That day I had been working since morning and was very tired. i then decided to stand erect and rest. the Chinese man walked up and asked me why I was standing, and I told him I wanted to rest. Without asking further questions, he landed a slap on my jaw and picked a spade and hit me with. After a few hours, he called me to his office, paid me off for the few days I had worked and sacked me. I tried to explain it to the boss, but he gave me a deaf ear and sent me home” Akat narrated.

In a sad mood, Akat’s father said “my son left the house two days ago and went to work and yesterday morning, I only saw him with a bandaged hand. When i asked him what happened, he told me a Chinese man hit it with a spade. Are we really bringing people to work with us or kill us?Ashu asked.

Akat said when he was assaulted, some fellow worker sympathized with him and advised him to report the matter to the state counsel. Akat said the summons that was handed to him at the Gendarmerie for onward delivery to the Chines man was torn upon reception.

“The Chinese man tore the summons when I gave him” said Akat. Akat also confesses that most of them Cameroonians that are working under that Chinese firm are in deep shit.

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  • Even home same Chinese who molesting,killing and raping Cameroonians in China are still having the heart to touched a Cameroonians in his homeland?what a world of intimidation,If we seat quite and sell our prude to foreigners who afterwards will go back to their various homeland telling their kithe and kins how they use Africans like trash,then we don’t know what value we do have,money is not everything to betray your own fellow country man. Let the law body in Cameroon look in to this seriously, I even heard that Nigerians are using Cameroonians in Cameroon just like that after exploiting our economy make money they will still uses the same money to lay insults on us not only that in our land,what the hell.

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