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Cameroon – Petit Pays: Music legend surprises many fans after he says he was not accusing Paul Biya in his latest song!

Written by Deckson N.

I’m not a hired singer, I am inspired by the spirits,” says the artist while denouncing the action of “politicians” who would try to make his message “their personal affair“.

Petit Pays surprised many. The artist ranked among the most popular of Cameroon declares against all odds that the song does not target the President of the Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya, and his collaborators. He made this statement on 1 November 2016 during the show “Couleurs tropicales” broadcast on the antenna of Radio France International (RFI).

I appeal to Africa. African countries are like furniture we posed. At any time there is a tornado, it moves. I address  myself to all of Africa, starting with myself. My song raises awareness to Africans. The message is clear even as politicians try to make it their personal matter. I did not quote anyone, “he responded to the famous West Indian animator Claudy Siar.

The man with many nicknames explains that he acted “like a pastor who preaches the word in a church. Sometimes he preaches and everyone feels in himself in what the pastor said. Everyone has the impression that the pastor speaks to him directly meanwhile the pastor indexes no person. This song relates everyone. Everyone recognizes himself in, “he said before adding:” I’m not a hired singer, I am inspired by the spirits. I can not contain myself. I can not do what I’m told to do. Otherwise I’ll hit myself, “he says.

Petit Pays indicated that the extracts dedicated to the victims of the Eseka derailment are in “quotes” and that he “simply” wanted to nod to the victims. For him, if there had not been a bad government, this tragedy would not have happened.

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