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Cameroon – North West: A Fon attempts raping his sister!

Written by Deckson N.

The pride that Fons of the North West Region once had is fast eroding as days go by. The indigenes of this prestigious region continue to witness the effacing of the nobility that used t be attached to royalty and the  sanctity with which Fons treated traditional values and norms. But today, the converse is the case.

The North West fons now divorce queens. Some have abandoned tradition and have fully embraced Christianity while others drink in stupor as well as making love to wives of their subjects. The recent in this string of abominable acts ccommittedby some Fons is an attempt by one (name withheld) to rape his own sister last Sunday, October 23, 2016. According to rumors that have widely circulated in that fondom and even beyond, the step-sister was almost abused by her own brother after returning home from Yaounde where she is based to see her mother. The Fon then called on her to his private room for a word with her. After a while, a prince of that Fondom walked up to the room where he caught brother and sister half naked.

According to ┬áthe prince, the girl only had her bras on as her shirt had been removed. Following the discovery, the girl immediately stepped out of the Fon’s room and claimed that he attempted raping her. She then fled back to Yaounde as the outrageous news went viral. The traditional council of that Fondom has open a probe to establish if truly the Fon attempted raping his own sister or there was some mutual consent. As at now, no one can tell if the girl willfully took off her shirt or the Fon forcefully pulled it off.


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