Cameroon – Paul Biya: According to some indiscretions, the president is angry and might sanction some officials!

Written by Deckson N.

The President of the Republic is about to “punish” some officials after the tragedy which killed 76 people and left 599 injured.

Is Paul Biya angry against his employees? La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) says yes. The private daily argues that the President of the Republic is not really happy about the first information he received after the disaster. So he is preparing to inflict some sanctions, the newspaper said.

Confidential information revealed to LNE states that the president is still furious. And because, even if he was preparing to return home after more than a month in Switzerland, it is not certainly on October 22 that he had to set foot in Yaounde. He was forced by that damned train crash that left dozens of casualties and the extent of which commanded that he saves the face of president, by returning anyway. But he would be more angry because the first information he received did not conclude to a vulgar accident, as we record every day. Paul Biya Bi Mvondo wants then to seize the opportunity to sanction some officials, according to the same information. And with this,¬†fear has gained the presidency. This because the sanctions won’t come without ”collateral damage ”, “wrote LNE.

This information contrasts with the clean bill expressed by Paul Biya of the management of the crisis by the government. “I must stress that the government’s reaction seemed positive enough … all other services that worked: Ministries of Transport and Public Works, search and ensure that we have a clear view of the extent of the disaster, “said the Head of State.

Regardless, the coming months would say more, the Head of State had himself set up a commission of inquiry.

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