Cameroon – Eseka tragedy: Muslim families angry because of the bodies of their relatives put in the morgue

Written by Deckson N.

They claim that according to Islam, a corpse should not be kept in the morgue.

Last Saturday, there were loud voices in the morgue of the central hospital in Yaounde. The cause being Muslim families who have recognized the bodies of their relatives brought to the morgue, reports the national daily Cameroon Tribune edition of 26 October 2016. The newspaper says that a parent said he recognized one of their own, a victim of the Eseka disaster. The body had been engulfed in the batch of the “unidentified” to keep to that morgue. The duty team, referring to the prohibition of Islam. “Except that this was a case of force majeure. Unable shot to be strict and rigid in the observance of funeral rites of Islam, “said Cameroon Tribune.

The imam Hamed Bashir¬†of the Biyem-Assi Mosque, met by the newspaper about it, explains that “it is as if there had been drowning, plane crash or some natural disaster, where it is almost impossible to find traces of the victims. ” However, starting from the fact that Cameroon is a secular country, Imam Bachir Hamed thinks he must first find a compromise with the state that handles the disaster. “It is desirable that Muslim families are close to the government in order to dialogue, to assist in the identification of victims with dignity and to organize the funeral,” he added.

As a reminder, it should be noted that Islamic rules stipulate that a deceased person be buried as soon as possible. “This is to say that if he died in the night that he be buried before sunrise. If it’s in the morning we do it before sunset, “says the imam cited above.

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