Cameroon – Issa Tchiroma: “The Government should be commended for the management of the railway accident in Eseka”

Written by Deckson N.

The Minister of Communication gave a briefing on it this October 25, 2016.

The Government should be commended for the management of the railway accident in Eseka (officially, 76 dead and 599 wounded). Like the President of the Republic, the Minister of Communication said that the ministers reacted quickly in the wake of this tragedy which is the worst rail accident in the history of Cameroon.

After regaining the country on 23 October 2016, 48 hours after the tragedy, Paul Biya hailed the Government’s response. “I must stress that the Government’s reaction struck me as quite positive … all other services that worked: Ministries of Transport and Public Works, search and ensure that we have a clear view of the extent of the disaster, “said the Head of State.

If he did not use the same expressions, the Minister of Communication has nonetheless praised the reaction of his government colleagues. Issa Tchiroma convened the press on Tuesday night to communicate on the measures taken by the government after the collapse of the bridge at Mányai on the Douala-Yaounde highway and the train derailment in Eséka.

Regarding the events that occurred after the train accident in Eséka, the government mobilization was also immediate. On very high instructions of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister immediately called an emergency meeting, followed by the establishment of a crisis center, “said the spokesman of the government.

The Communications Minister has reminded that a ministerial delegation (Public Health, Transport, Territorial Administration and Decentralization, State Secretary of Defense for the gendarmerie) “went on the scene of the tragedy to assess the situation and recommend the first steps in terms of support for victims and comfort the bereaved families, “added MINCOM.

Continuing in his explanations, Issa Tchiroma stressed that “the Minister for the Presidency in charge of Defense has deployed significant resources in personnel, equipment and others to the scene of the accident, along with arrangements that have been taken for the maintenance of the order with the installation of a security polygon to facilitate relief work, preserve the traces and clues to the internal investigations needs, prevent theft and looting, ensure the smooth order at the scene, and regulate traffic to prevent further accidents. The Ministry of Defense also made available aerial vehicles for the movement of senior officials committed to the coordination of field operations, medical personnel with their use of materials and the fire brigade. The 21th regiment of military engineers was also deployed with all means of heavy operational response including cranes and rescue equipment. The units of the military garrison of Douala, Edea, Yaounde were implemented with their means of transport to facilitate the evacuation of the wounded fit to travel in vehicles “.

Regarding the sector of Public Health, the government spokesman noted that the department has coordinated operational action. “The management of patients began with the Eséka district hospital and then spread to three other clinics: Mère Thérèse, Miséricorde and urban health center in the remote supervision of regional representative the Public Health for the Centre. Around 3:00 PM this Friday (21 October Ed), a multidisciplinary team of 25 health workers, doctors, emergency nurses with ambulances and medicines from the hospital of Edea and Pouma hospital arrived at the scene and strengthened support an organization’s triage and commitment of emergency surgical operations. At 4:30 PM, a more sustained reinforcement came from Douala with firefighters and Assistance (private training required by CAMRAIL). Around 5:30 PM that same Friday, a health worker team of surgeons physicians, intensivists and anesthesiologists, provided medicines and medical trauma devices installed on the scene ” he indicates.

This output of the MINCOM is probably to silence criticism of public opinion against the government, which in his opinion, would not have responded effectively.

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