Cameroon – West: The Bafoussam – Bangante road might also collapse!

Written by Deckson N.

At Bandiangseu, on National Road No. 4, the fill area collapses progressively as the heavyweights pass by.

Like the Mányai road near Matomb that collapsed on 21 February 2016, many roads are in danger across the Cameroonian territory. Like the road of Bandiangseu in the Nde division on the Bafoussam-Bangangté axis. In a report aired for the first time on October 22, CRTV-TV presents a situation of concern at the highest point the governor of the western region Awa Fonka Augustine and his staff. The State television interviewd a local resident who is horrified by the situation.

The road collapsed right  before our eyes. I saw the road incline. I wondered what happened. We are surprised that so far on an axis like this, absolutely nothing is being done. What happened in Douala is not far from what can happen here. So frankly, we ask that the State of Cameroon to do something, “said Belmond Lowé. CRTV West notes that “the collapse of the embankment area expands gradually as the heavyweight pass.” The reporter however stated that things will get better soon. This is confirmed by the Departmental Delegate of Mintransport of the Ndé, François Zébazé.

At the end of the 2015 rainy season, we noticed that there were cracks that appeared on the road. And it challenged us, it made us do thorough inspections. A tender was launched for the complete rehabilitation of the portion of the National No. 4 starting from Ebebda to Bafoussam and including this section of road where substantial work will be done to correct the problem. ” It is also learned that the rehabilitation of the axis starts in 2017.

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