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Cameroon – Chantal Biya: Cameroonians blast the First Lady for her outfit on Sunday and for being insensitive for the country’s misfortunes!

Written by Deckson N.

According to some fellow Cameroonians, The First Lady Chantal Biya, AKA the Mother of The Nation, is no more really the Mother she was some years back. They say that For several months now, the First Lady, like her husband, had become very very insensitive to the misfortunes and sorrows of her countrymen. According to them, the choice of her outfit on her arrival back home is a prove. Yet she was dressed all in black at the funeral of her mother Rosette.


Chantal and Paul Biya during the funeral services of Rosette, Chantal’s mother

But that’s how she dressed upon landing, when a whole country mourns and salutes the memory of more than 100 compatriots suddenly dead. She looked like she was going to the Oval Office for a final farewell dinner with Michele Obama.

Some even recalled some past cases on which they thought she could do something, but she did nothing at all;

There were babies stolen from their mothers in public hospitals, the “Mother of the nation” did not say anything …
There was the singer Liza T who made distress calls (almost dying), yet the “Mother of the nation did nothing …
There were children abducted and found dead, with mutilated bodies. Again the “Mother of the nation” never lifted a finger.

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