Cameroon – Eseka Accident: Survivor of the death train, the journalist Patrick Goldman swears that there were “almost 400 dead!”

Written by Deckson N.

Our colleague advanced a false communication on the human toll. He calls for the ouster of the Bolloré group in charge for a few years now on the management of the railway sector in Cameroon.

Patrick Goldman is one of the survivors of the intercity train 152. The Cameroonian journalist-presenter wanted to tell what he experienced during his eventful journey. He spoke on Sunday, October 23, 2016 on Equinoxe TV, on the grounds that he wants to be the mouthpiece of the voiceless, he denounced the attitude of the authorities, and accused them of gross lies.

When they say that there are only 60 Cameroonians who have lost their lives, I say there is Lake Nyos, Nsam Efoulam, I think you imagine a train going 300 km/hour, carrying more than 1,000 people, which weighs tons, which is really high up and falls, which drop, free fall in the ravine, with hundreds of people and we come to tell you that there are only 60 dead? I think there’s a problem here, which have nothing to do with what I’ve experienced, ” he said.

He swears he counted five times more dead than the brandished official figures. “I lived a drama! I say that there have been nearly 400 dead! “He said. His main target are the four members of the government who went to Eséka on Friday. “They went to a meeting at the stadium to first agree on what they will go say when the media will question them. They agreed on the national lie to pour out into the people. It is a scandal ! This is a disaster! ” said Patrick Goldman.

The man angrily denounced a culture deeply rooted with lies in his country. “Cameroon has questions to ask. You see, there is something in the country that is not going, in this country where we have erected lying in lifestyle, which becomes a career, a function, a job for people. In disregard of human life. In defiance of people’s lives. ” He also attacks the Bolloré Group, owner of the railway company Camrail. He wants the Cameroon government to withdraw this French multinational management of the rail sector. “Bolloré showed all his disabilities wherever he went. This time he killed hundreds of innocent Cameroonians who simply wanted to go from Yaounde to Douala and have paid their money and they paid with their lives.

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