Cameroon – Joseph Siewe: The 2015 best football coach in Cameroon explains why Stephane Mbia is no more with the Lions

Written by Deckson N.

The technician maintains that only sporting reasons have caused the sidelining of the former captain of the national team.

Joseph “Diallo” Siewe is explicit: if Stephane Mbia Etoundi is not convened in Cameroon national team, it is only for sporting reasons. The Union de Douala coach made his pitch during a Radio Sport Infos program on October 14, 2016. For him, his absence has nothing to do with any sanction.

I do not think it is to cut the head of a certain category of players,” he said before continuing: “If he was important for Hugo Broos, he would have come. I think it’s a sports problem. Playing in the Cameroon midfield is really complex. With everything we have today, if Stephane comes, he will be lagging behind.

For him, it is obvious that Stephane Mbia Etoundi does not accept to be repositioned in the central axis. That’s where he was positioned during his time in Kadji sports academy. “He is still a good player because when he grew up Nono Jean Flaubert (general manager of the École de football Brasseries du Cameroun) and I felt that Stéphane could not play in the midfield. I received him as a number 10. That’s how I pushed him back into a central defender. But he returned each time to the front and scored each time three goals so that I should put him in the midfield, but I told him, “you’re going to play back there

Something that the then teenager never accepted. At the risk of wiping some inconvenience. “This is a guy who has a long segment and we thought he was always late. During the World Cup in Finland in 2003, I was on the phone with Jean-Nono Flaubert who said, “that your player will take a card.” Because every time he’s late, “reports coach siewe.

For him, “if Stephane Mbia played in central defense he will be excellent. In the midfield where you need something other than Stéphane Mbia, it’ll be really complicated, “says the best coach of 2015 in Cameroon.

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