Cameroon – Health: More than 2 million Cameroonians affected by obesity

Written by Deckson N.

To believe the World Health Organization (WHO), a decrease in consumption of sugary drinks will reduce the prevalence.

According to a recent WHO publication, 9.6% of Cameroon’s population is obese, more than 2 million people, says the weekly markers of Wednesday, 19 October 2016. In Cameroon, obesity and overweight are common in women, a percentage of 14.3% against 4.9% for men.

To limit this evil continually growing, a new WHO report calls on governments to use fiscal measures proposed in the Global Plan of Action for the fight against NCDs. The plan calls for an increase of at least 20% of the selling price of retail sugary drinks to reduce consumption of these products. “Free sugars consumption, including products such as soft drinks, is a major factor in the increase in obesity and diabetes in the world,” says a doctor.

Also, “if the government is taxing products such as sweet drinks, they may avoid suffering and save lives. And in turn, reduce health spending and increase revenues to invest in health services “says Dr Douglas Bettcher, Director of WHO’s noncommunicable disease prevention department. Indeed, the implementation of these strategies that allow regression in obesity, diabetes and tooth decay, can be read in the newspaper.

Furthermore, this WHO report provides a subsidy of fresh fruits and vegetables that contribute to lowering prices from 10 to 30%, and increase their consumption. This not to mention the practice of regular physical activity, to aspire to better health. Especially for the single year 2014, 4,400 deaths were attributed to obesity.

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