Cameroon – Environment: Cameroon leading towards a better observation of climate change

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The Institut de recherche pour le d̩veloppement (IRD), French scientific establishment, recently concluded a framework agreement with the National Observatory on Climate Change (Observatoire national sur les changements climatiques РOnacc), Cameroonian organization dedicated to the fight against global warming.

The IRD and Onacc decided to collaborate to develop and disseminate data on temperature, rainfall, water resources, emissions and carbon storage, data needed to effectively implement the commitments made at the Conference of Paris on climate change (COP 21).

To launch the new partnership, the French scientific establishment was on October 18 in Mbalmayo, in the Central Region, in the workshop focus of Onacc triennial work program. Involving actors of the Cameroonian government, French, German Cooperation (GIZ), the US (USAID), business (Electricity Development Corp) and NGOs, the Workshop of Mbalmayo helped finalize the multiannual programming framework document.

This work plan will allow the national body to ensure its mission of monitoring and evaluation of the efforts made by Cameroon in the prevention, mitigation and adaptation to climate change risks, particularly in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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