Africa – AFCON 2017: The complete calender of the competition

Written by Deckson N.

32 matches in total will be played between January 14 and February 5, 2017.


  • Group A: Gabon, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guinea-Bissau
  • Group B: Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Zimbabwe
  • Group C: Ivory Coast, DR Congo, Morocco, Togo
  • Group D: Ghana, Mali, Egypt, Uganda

Day 1

  • January 14 – Group A =>Gabon VS Guinea-Bissau, 5:00 PM in Libreville, Burkina Faso VS Cameroon, 8:00 PM in Libreville
  • January 15 – Group B =>Algeria VS Zimbabwe, 5PM in Franceville Tunisia VS Senegal, 8:00 PM in Franceville
  • January 16 – Group C =>Ivory Coast VS Togo, 5PM in Oyem, DR Congo VS Morocco, 8PM in Oyem
  • January 17 – Group D =>Ghana VS Uganda 5PM in Port-Gentil, Mali VS Egypt, 8PM in Port Gentil

Day 2

  • January 18 – Group A =>Gabon VS Burkina Faso, 5PM in Libreville, Cameroon VS Guinea-Bissau, 8PM in Libreville
  • January 19 – Group B => Algeria VS Tunisia, 5PM in Franceville, Senegal VS Zimbabwe, 8PM in Franceville
  • January 20 – Group C => Ivory Coast VS DR Congo, 5PM in Oyem, Morocco VS Togo, 8PM in Oyem
  • January 21 – Group D => Ghana VS Mali, 5PM in Port-Gentil, Egypt VS Uganda, 8PM in Port Gentil

Day 3

  • January 22 – Group A => Cameroon VS Gabon, 8PM in Libreville, Guinea-Bissau VS Burkina Faso, 8PM in Franceville
  • January 23 – Group B => Senegal VS Algeria, 8PM in Franceville, Zimbabwe VS Tunisia, 8PM in Libreville
  • January 24 – Group C => Morocco VS Ivory Coast, 8PM in Oyem, Togo VS RD Congo, 8PM in Port Gentil
  • January 25 – Group D => Egypt VS Ghana, 8PM in Port-Gentil, Uganda VS Mali, 8PM in Oyem

The quarterfinals are scheduled on 28 and 29 January. The semi-finals will be held on 1 and 2 February. The match for third place will be played on February 4 and the finals on 5 February in Libreville.

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