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Cameroon – Strange: A policeman forced to urinate for 53 minutes after collecting 500 CFA F from a farmer!

Written by Deckson N.

The man was held and punished by a disgruntled villager who saw his 500 CFA F taken away without reason. It’s is Radio Equinoxe, a radio station based in Douala, that reported the unusual story on October 13, 2016. Its correspondent in the Menoua Division says that a few days ago in a small village (Fongo-Tongo), a police officer was forced to pee during a control.

At Fongo-Tongo, the officer arrested a man who came from farm on his old motorcycle. He ordered him to “contribute” the sum of 500 francs CFA. Supplications of the villager did not move the greedy cop who continued to demand payment of the amount requested. The farmer resolved the heartsick out of his underwear a 500 CFA Francs banknote.

It is after this “gesture” that he was allowed to continue his journey. But as soon as  he left, the officer felt the need to urinate and started to pee without stopping. His colleague realizing that what is happening is not a normal thing decided to call on other locals. It is with their help that they traced the man on the old motorcycle. The farmer first got his 500 CFA Francs and gave a kick on the buttocks of the greedy policeman. It is only at that time that the man ceased to urinate. He kept urinating for closely 53 minutes.


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