Cameroon – Patrick Mboma/2019 AFCON: “I can hardly believe that we will be able to host in the best conditions this competition in two years”

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In Cameroon for a short stay, the former striker of the Indomitable Lions gave an interview to Le Jour newspaper. He spoke on several topics including the last match of the national football team but also the Africa Cup of Nations in 2016 and 2019 that Cameroon will host.

In its edition of October 12, 2016 the daily Le Jour in its columns, reports the conversation it had with Patrick Mboma, former striker of the Indomitable Lions. During this interview, Patrick Mboma gave his views on the organization of the Africa Cup of Nations in 2016 and 2019, the performance of the national team against Algeria.

To the question whether the organization of the 2016 and 2019 AFCON can be a boon for Cameroon, Patrick Mboma said

it could be a boon for the Cameroonian football, but from what I hear it’s going to be difficult as a boon to the Cameroonian song, because the song is rather questionable, yet we have talents that could be involved because Charlotte Dipanda is not the last of our talents, far from it. this is a demonstration of what we do very poorly in Cameroon. It’s very easy to be critical you might say, but there is still time between when one is designated to host a competition and the competition itself. So the preparation should be done in the best possible way.

Still answering the above question, the former Indomitable Lions adds

the Women AFCON is unfortunately not a miniature competition that can define if we are ready for the 2019 AFCON. I do not mean to be a bird of bad omen, but I can hardly believe that we will be able to host in the best conditions this competition in two years. I did my calculations, we are actually in 2016, if I add two years we are in October 2018, so three months to the competition. So two years and three months of this competition, given the few things we have done since we are not the United States, we can not boast of having an abundance of hotels, roads or highways and airports, I think we’re completely behind.

Concerning the performance of the national team against Algeria in the context of the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup, Patrick Mboma said

first of all let me say that I was happy already with the result. I was tabling on positive knowing that it is very difficult to win in Bilda, statistically impossible. This is a good performance of our Lions who returned to score. Now I was not seduced by the content, but by what happened at the end of 90 minutes. Is that we managed to remove a point that frustrates Algerians and that bodes well for the rest.

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