Cameroon – Arts: Arion, first Cameroonian video game ever to be soon in Hollywood

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The American production company Good Fear Films has indeed redeem the Rights of the scenario.

Aurion, l’héritage des Kori-Odan, the first video game 100% made in Cameroon, produced by the startup Kiro’o Games, will soon be adapted to the American cinema. The company Good Fear Film, headed by Chris Bender and Jake Weiner, has acquired rights on this video game, for its film adaptation, says the American newspaper The Hollywood Reporter.

Jack Weiner, one of the directors of Good Fear Films, wants to adapt the game scenario to bring it on the big screen. Sign that this game mix between the codes of the fantasy and the world of African tales, has seduced beyond the continent’s borders, “commented Jeune Afrique.

Olivier Madiba, who aimed to create a “universal” story, succeeded his feat: “Our game has interested them because Hollywood is seeking renewal at the moment in terms of gender. We are witnessing an explosion of diversity. With Aurion, we are the first to give in the African fantasy.

It is the originality of the script that makes the quality of the game according to Olivier Madiba. “Aurion, l’héritage des Kori-Odan” is inspired by the culture and the African cosmogony. This is the story of a prince victim of a coup perpetrated by his brother, the day of his coronation and marriage. The royal couple is then forced into exile and decided to travel the world looking for support to regain the throne.

The characters are quickly realizing that power is more diffuse, things are less simple than they thought. It is in this that the scenario addresses all of the globalized youth, who often shares this feeling, “says Olivier Madiba.

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