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USA – Barrack Obama: Before/after photo of Barack Obama at the beginning and end of presidency

Written by Deckson N.

Leading the United States is not an easy task. These two pictures of the US president, taken at the beginning and the end of his eight-year mandates, reflect the effect of stress on appearance.

The time of two presidential terms, a period of 4 years each, Barack Obama took a shot of old, and the two pictures below prove it. The first photo was taken the year of coming to power in 2008, while the second is recent, and therefore dates from the end of his last term. The latter reveals graying and thinning hair, a more serious look. But also more haggard, dark circles under his eyes more pronounced, which shows the consequences of responsibilities and hectic pace required by the position of President of the United States:

But do not forget that the current President of the United States is four months from retirement and is no longer young. On January 20, 2017, he will leaves the White House after eight years of presidency. In 2008 (left), the head of state had a dashing 47 years. On 4 August, Barack Obama celebrated his 55 years (the same age as the right picture). Among the comments below the photo, a user also raised the setting of the camera lens: “The same camera lens should’ve been used, this is clearly not the case. It looks like his head has doubled deep!” Not false either.


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