Cameroon – Politics: In a memorandum, the elites of the Mfoundi division accuse Paul Biya of “genocide”

Written by Deckson N.

An open letter to the head of state is attributed to the patriarch of Mvog Betsi, Emile Onambele Zibi whom for his part, denies the facts.

In a letter made public by the Épervier newspaper and signed on September 9, 2016 and published last Tuesday, it follows a plea on the critical situation in the Mfoundi Division since the seizure of power by the Head of State, Paul Biya.

Excellence, the unique circumstances force us, the Betis, to send you this mail. What was regarded as a mere figment of the imagination now appears as a genocide. Our people are dispersed and diluted, our lands are confiscated and sold. Soon we will be without a lair, without culture and village. Your power is becoming tribal and familial, as all positions of power and money are increasingly in the Bulu and Nanga Eboko whose only votes have never been enough for your successive re-elections in the various elections … “it’s said in the memorandum, in the Messager of Wednesday, October 5, 2016.

The text, which also contains a strong stigmatization of the Bamilékés is allegedly signed by the Mvog Beti patriarch Emile Onambele Zibi, the newspaper said. But this patriarch refutes everything and speaks of framing and accuses “the Mfoundi enemies who are behind this text ascribed to me. Anyway, this matter will not stop there, “shouts the Mvog Betsi patriarch.

In the same vein, Philippe Mbarga Mboa, an elite of the Mfoundi, also has reservations in this case. “This is not the Mfoundi I know that can say such things about President Biya who has always lent us a listening ear. I doubt that the patriarch really wrote this document, “he writes.

However, many people do not reject all that is written in this paper, but still have reservations.

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