Cameroon – Mefiro Oumarou: “It is high time that some employees who have reached 60 years leave Camair-Co” says BOD president!

Written by Deckson N.

The chairman of the board of directors of the national airline talks about the problems that plague the revival of the company.

Camair-Co presumably has a problem to take off again. Its leadership multiplies strategies to improve its image. Thus at the end of the last board meeting held in Douala on Friday, it was mainly a question of the new action plan. In this wake, the national airline opened the Bafoussam line, third largest city in Cameroon.

In an interview with the national daily Cameroon Tribune, published Monday, October 3, 2016, Mefiro Oumarou, the chairman of the Board, presented some bottlenecks that strangle Camair-Co. Among them: the quality of service.

We do not restructure a business by buying cars. I think you first put the structure in place. You define how you will do to make a quality service. It is from there that you say what kind of vehicle can be adapted to the type of service you want to offer. When you do the opposite, this is not possible, “he said.

For the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Transport, at Camair-Co, there are employees who grow fat on the back of the company.

A structure must be able to control its expenses and to live from its means. We need to control who does what. So it is inadmissible that inside you find officials who have travel agencies and at all times favor the profitability of the latter relative to the structure that employs them … “, he denounced.

Hence the need to do spring cleaning, “For the company to really takes off, we must bring order.”

The other major project of Mefiro Oumarou seems to be on the overflow of employees in Camair-Co.

The average age at Camair-Co is high. It is high time that some employees who have reached 60 years liberate the box. If they are still important to the company, then a special arrangement shall be done for them. We have leadership positions that are in the organigram and others are not. The State does not give subventions to such a company. We need to shed light. We will groom and this is not negotiable. We must delight the company for young people who are performing and who are able to work. You have agents in the box that are being paid but they do nothing. In the population of pilotes, this is the case. What will the taxpayer say about this? “.

Mefiro Oumarou is not choosy when he speaks of service aboard Camair-Co aircraft.

Do you know that there are twenty young Cameroonian hostesses, working in Ethiopian Airlines, who make users smile in the world? At Camair-Co, go look in 50 years for the average age of the hostesses. If there is not even water that you can give to a client, at least talk to him nicely. Nevertheless here, Cameroonians always take Camair-Co, because they love their company.

the chairman of the Board assures that he has a “mission“.

It is not negotiable. If you have your place, you are going to occupy it, “he insists.

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