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Cameroon – Longue Longue: [video] Singer went to Dubai, made some money, was overjoyed and started insulting Petit Pays

Written by Deckson N.

The “father of Kiriku”, or “Le liberatuer” or even the “nephew of Jesus” went to Dubai some few weeks ago and had a concert there. The Makossa singer made so much money that he decided to make a video.

In this 18-minute video, we discover a Longue Longue who displays cask and is totally bitter against Petit Pays. “Mr Moundi is the image of the rotten Cameroon … (Moundi is the family name of Petit Pays) Mr Moundi is an illiterate … The mother of Mr Moundi was selling soya and people know her history. His father spoke savagery in  Bonakouanmoung … “affirmed the father of Kirikou.

Watch below!

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